Product introduction

ABU DAVIS INC product introduction

  1. Bath towel series:
    Our bath towel collection is made of high-quality pure cotton material, soft and comfortable to the touch, strong water absorption, so that you can enjoy the comfort of a SPA after your bath. Bath towels are available in different styles, sizes and colors to meet the needs of different family members.
  2. Towel series:
    Our towel range is suitable for a variety of scenarios, including face, hand or kitchen use. Made of fine fiber, high water absorption, soft and comfortable. Exquisite design and a variety of color choices make your daily life more beautiful and convenient.
  3. Face towel series:
    A selection of soft fabrics for facial care or daily cleaning use. Soft and delicate touch, non-irritating, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable facial experience.
  4. Kitchen towel series:
    Our kitchen towel series has the characteristics of strong oil absorption, durable and easy to clean, suitable for kitchen cleaning, tableware wiping and other uses. The variety of styles and bright colors make the kitchen a stage for you to show your cooking skills.
    ABU DAVIS INC products are known for high quality, comfort and practicality, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality towel products and services to create a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.